Tree pollarding services in Greater London

Thin and feeble foliage on a tree is unattractive. Our tree pollarding and trimming services cuts back and removes minor branches, leaving only the trunk and major limbs. This, in turn, forces the tree to produce many thin leafy branches to create a thick, dense, and bushy treetop.

Lush, thick, dense treetops in London

At Tree Star Maintenance, we offer professional tree pollarding and trimming services to our clients in Greater London. Our expert team of tree surgeons are able to assess, define, and implement the best possible pollarding solution on a tree by tree basis. We take pride in providing you with the thick lush treetops that you are looking for.

Pollarding cut back minor branches in the short-term to produce a thick bushy dense foliage in the long-term. It also helps tighten up a sprawling and thin crown, and concentrate most of the branches and foliage mass of the tree directly above the trunk of the tree. This is especially appropriate for trees with shallow roots or in confined spaces.

Sculpt your trees with our pollarding services

Pollard your trees with Tree Star Maintenance’s excellent pollarding services. Our team of professional tree surgeons have been pollarding trees in Greater London for two decades. Reap the benefits of our experience avoid the risks of pollarding blunders and damaging your trees permanently. Call us for a free quote today.

Benefits of tree pollarding:

  • Increased sun exposure
  • Removes weak or dead branches
  • Thicker denser foliage
  • Better balance and a lower centre of gravity
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