Tree Felling and removal in Greater London

Old and diseased trees block out the light, spread disease to other trees, and can potentially do damage to buildings. In cases like these, your only choice is to remove them completely. With over 17 years experience, the expert tree surgeons at Tree Star Maintenance are able to offer you safe and orderly tree felling and removal services in Greater London.

Remove unwanted and hazardous trees from your property

Tired of an unsightly or light-obstructing tree on your property? Get in touch with Tree Star Maintenance to talk to one of our professional tree surgeons today. We can offer you professional advice and talk you through the process of felling and removing a tree from your property. Call today for a free consultation and a no obligations quote.

You want more sunlight, but your property is over-shadowed by an unwanted tree. Tree Star Maintenance tree surgeons can fell that tree in a safe and controlled way so your property risks no damage. Rest assured that our team will take every precaution and dispose of the tree and any remaining debris: leaving your property spotless and tree-free.


Tree felling for your property in Greater London

Our team of tree surgeons can conduct a professional tree felling service on your property without leaving you with a mess to clean up after. With 2 decades of experience behind us, Tree Star Maintenance is able to handle and fulfil every tree felling and removal request in Greater London. Call today for a free quote.

Reasons to fell a tree:

  • Remove excessive shade and allow more sunlight and warmth
  • Prevent potential damage or injury
  • If a tree is diseased or damaged
  • If a tree is dead and rotting
  • Improve the aesthetics¬†of your property
  • Allow more ventilation and air to damp and dark areas
  • Allow other plants to receive more light and grow more
  • To make space or improve a view
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