Crown reductions, thinning and lifting in Greater London

With 17 years of experience, Tree Star Maintenance is Greater London’s premier domestic and commercial tree surgeon service. To keep your trees healthy and orderly, we are proud to offer our crown reduction, thinning, and lifting services. Call our team of friendly tree surgeons for advice and a free quote.

Thin and lift your tree's crown

Crown reduction reduces the physical stress on a tree of having too many heavy branches. This ensures the longevity and health of the tree. Reducing the weight and also the reach of individual branches in a tree’s crown encourages it to grow upwards rather than outwards.

Thinning, reducing, and lifting a tree’s crown also increases sunlight penetration to the ground. This encourages and promotes plants growing under and around that tree. If your tree is growing in a confined space or close to a building, shaping and reducing a tree’s crown can be a functional and necessary procedure to avoid damage to your property.

tree crown experts

Call the tree crown experts today

At Tree Star Maintenance, we’ve been serving Greater London with professional tree crown reductions, thinning, and lifting for two decades. There is nothing we don’t know about providing excellent tree care solutions to your trees. Call our friendly team of tree surgeons today to get started.

Benefits of Crown reduction, thinning, and lifting:

  • Sculpt and direct the growth of the tree
  • More sunlight reaches the ground and other plants
  • Create space and improve views
  • Reduce risk of damage to buildings
  • Increase longevity and health of the tree
  • Reduce the burden of branch weight on the tree
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